How Your Family Can Deal With Cabin Fever During A Pandemic

The world suddenly stopped. The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a new normal to the world as a whole. To avoid the spread of the virus, governments now implement strict social distancing, quarantines, and lockdowns. Suddenly, the kids had to study at home rather than going to school. Our homes transformed into our offices. Remember when we all wished our lives to pause, who knew all of this would happen?

The situation is far from the ideal break we had in mind. Yes, we wished for more time with our families to bond, but we envisioned this in our dream destination. We all wanted to go on a vacation with our families, bringing home memories from exploring a new city, tasting new cuisines, and merely sharing new experiences. But we are all currently stuck in our homes, and movement is minimal.

The pandemic has forced families to stay at home for everyone’s safety. However, this could also lead to family issues resulting from our prolonged isolation. A term called cabin fever has been used, especially during the winter. Merriam-Webster defines it as a state of being irritable and restless because of living in a limited area for an extended time. To make things worse, the uncertainty that the threat of the virus brings also adds to everyone’s anxiety. Due to the more extended hours than usual that we spend with our families, tension could arise even from the simplest of things.

We do not need additional stress during this time. That is why we all need to make the most of the time we have of our families. Instead of thinking of what we rather are doing, we could think of ways to avoid cabin fever and create sweet memories in the comfort of our homes. We do not need to travel the world to have the best experience of our lives. We need the company of our loved ones while staying safe and healthy during this pandemic. The goal is to create a nourishing home away from the danger and fear the virus brings.

We listed some activities you and your family might enjoy avoiding cabin fever during the quarantine.

Try Something New

Have you ever tried indoor camping? This activity might be exciting, especially for the kids. Go all out by setting up a tent indoor. Of course, do not forget your picnic basket! Preparing your meals could also be an additional family activity. Everyone can contribute a meal or snack for the picnic basket.

Stacey Simmons, MA, Ph.D., LMFT, APCC, advises, “Be sure to have a balanced schedule, and one that gives you plenty of room for experimentation.” For an added challenge, each member could create their recipe using one ingredient from your pandemic supply. Who knows, this might even ignite a child’s passion for cooking!


Online Parties

The quarantine prohibited us from meeting our extended families, at least physically. But the good news is technology allows us to connect even from a distance. There is a high possibility that our relatives, even if located miles away, are also in quarantine. We could use this time to reconnect with our relatives by inviting them for video calls with the entire family. This virtual family reunion is a chance to catch up with our relatives and reminisce about old times. By conducting these online family parties, we could even save money from travel and hotel accommodations. Make sure to snap that modern family portrait during your online sessions!



The long hours we are stuck at home have probably resulted in a routine of eating, sleeping, and binge-watching. Although these are also great ways to bond with our families, we should also take care of our health. Besides, we have to keep a healthy immune system during this crisis.

A great way of making sure that we remain fit is to set a schedule for your family exercise. You may choose from learning a dance routine together, following a fitness video, or even just doing different exercises together. The important thing is that you spend a set time to exercise with your family. Incorporating physical activities into your family’s daily routine does not only result in being physically fit but also leads to the production of endorphins or “happy hormones,” which are much needed to avoid cabin fever.


The world outside may have stopped, but with our families, we could still create a world of our own in our homes. No matter how harsh and uncertain the circumstances are, we could always make the best of what we have. Time is a luxury we now have, make sure to use it to avoid the fever and enjoy the cabin.

How Aphasia Can Affect Relationships

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The Oregon coast was filled with much love, compassion, and total fun during the 2018 Couples Retreat Event. It was an opportunity that was given to people with aphasia and their partners to bond and strengthen their relationship through fun activities and small group sessions with other participants as well. Their sessions will be led by a team of occupational and speech therapy students and certified therapists who will guide and teach couples some coping strategies that they can utilize during challenging times in their marriage.

Below is a brief explanation of what aphasia is and how it affects marriage and other relationships.

Aphasia can, indeed transform relationships. Family members and significant others will have to make adjustments to what the new normal will be. Friends often can’t last long when visiting, especially when the conversation becomes confusing and lengthy. However, aphasia may also be an opportunity for families to know people they have never met, perhaps from other support groups or from members of the occupational or speech therapy team. For the couple, it is an opportunity for them to be closer as they forge new memories of their new life together.

Relationship with Others

Friends. When you have aphasia, you will feel like you just went inside a whole new world. For the aphasic individual, he will have trouble putting the pieces of his old and new life together. The people he will meet and talk to every day will be like new acquaintances to him – his doctor, nurses, therapists, etc. But his old friends, the more empathic and sincere ones, they will remain in the aphasic person’s life and find creative ways to communicate with their friend and make him feel loved.

For his relationship with his partner or spouse, it can be challenging, a test of love. Communication in this situation won’t work the normal way. This means that the spouse must find other ways to communicate with him and letting him feel important and cared for. She may try to sway him into doing small but meaningful activities together, like having dinner or watching television together.

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Sadly, because of the increased levels of stress and anxiety, some couples break up. Still, many see through the challenges and will even come out stronger than ever.